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Dr. Dre Threatens Legal Action Over Michel’le Biopic

As you probably know by now, former singer and current R&B Diva Michel’le is telling her side of the N.W.A. story in an upcoming Lifetime biopic, entitled “Surviving Compton.” In it, she details her experience being brought on by rap legends Dr. Dre and Suge Knight to sing hooks for their songs…and how she ended up becoming a baby mother to both of them and survived years of physical abuse in the process.

Even though the movie has been getting teased for months and is set to air next week, apparently Dr. Dre just heard about it…because he is now filing an eleventh-hour cease and desist letter to Sony over the film. Dre is threatening lawsuits if the biopic makes it to air, because he refuses to be portrayed as a woman beater.

TMZ has seen the letter, and apparently Dre denies that Michel’le ever even mentioned being hit by him:

According to the letter, Dre flatly denies ever abusing Michel’le. It makes reference to the fact that they dated around 30 years ago and she never hinted at abuse or any type of violent behavior on his part. They also say she never sought medical treatment or filed a police report.

Huh? Michel’le has literally ALWAYS said that Dre punched her up severely and frequently. This isn’t exactly a new narrative from her…just the first time we’ve seen it dramatized on the small screen.

Either way, Dre says if the movie hits airwaves, SOMEONE is going to have to pay up. He’s portrayed as extremely violent — just the way Michel’le has described him for years — and is seen mercilessly beating her, even pulling a gun on her and firing.

Well the shoe is certainly on the other foot with the N.W.A. story now. Don’t you recall Jerry Heller having issues with his portrayal in Straight Outta Compton while he was alive?

Do you think Dre has a case? Will Lifetime pull the movie??




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