Karma Is A Beyotch: Vivica A. Fox Says THIS About Donald Trump’s Grabby P**sy Leaked Tapes

- By Bossip Staff


Vivica A. Fox Responds To Donald Trump’s Misogynistic Comments

Vivica A. Fox is blasting her former “Celebrity Apprentice” boss for his leaked tapes claiming he would grab the genitals of women he found attractive.

The vile conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush was released last week, but actress Vivica A. Fox calls the leak “karma” reports Inside Edition.

At a Los Angeles Carousel of Hope event, Fox, who appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, told Inside Edition, “All I can say is karma is a b***h. He was ready to come so hard for Hillary and Bill Clinton on something that is personal for them. And wow, look what happens. You forgot that you were a pig, too.”

People want this azzhole to be president?!

Karma is a beyotch who doesn’t like her pu**y grabbed!


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