Race Matters: Study Shows Students Of All Races Prefer Teachers Of Color To White Teachers

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Students Of All Races Prefer Non-White Teachers

A sociologist at New York University and his colleague recently discovered that students of all races prefer to be taught by educators of color to white teachers. Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng and Peter Halpin published an academic paper examining how students react to their teachers reports NPR:

The sociologists researched 1,700 sixth- through ninth-grade teachers from over 300 schools throughout the nation, requiring them to answer a 30-question survey:

Cherng and Halpin found that all the students, including white students, had significantly more favorable perceptions of Latino versus white teachers across the board, and had significantly more favorable perceptions of black versus white teachers on at least two or three of seven categories in the survey.

The strongest positive relationship was the flipside of what Cherng experienced in his own classroom: Asian-American students had very rosy views of their black teachers.

The relationship persisted after controlling for students’ age, gender, their free and reduced-price lunch status and their academic performance. The researchers also controlled for other factors like the teacher’s level of experience and education, their gender, and even outside expert ratings of the teachers’ effectiveness, based on classroom observations.


Why do you think students prefer non-white educators? Sound of in the comment section below.

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