BOSSIP Exclusive: Fugees’ Pras Settles Libel Suit Against NY Post

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1990s Singer Accused Newspaper Of Ruining His Rep

Fugees singer Pras has worked out a deal with the New York newspaper he accused of ruining his reputation with defamatory articles.

The musician has agreed to drop his $30 million dollar lawsuit against the publication following over a year of battling it out in court.
Pras sued the NY Post over an article that accused him of bailing on his own charity’s Sept. 11 benefit concert

The article said that Pras was a “no show” at the event for his “Hope For Them” organization in New York. It alleged Pras was scheduled to perform but didn’t due to him saying he had the flu. Further, the newspaper printed that the singer bounced a check for the venue which the event was held and that he was telling people MTV sponsored the event when it had not.

Pras filed suit, explaining the article was nonsense and he had nothing to do with the charity nor was he ever set to perform at the benefit. He claimed the story caused him to seek out therapy due to numerous people reaching out to him asking how he could do such a thing for a 9/11 benefit. He demanded $30 million in damages from the Post.

The NY Post fired back at Pras saying he needs to grow thicker skin and claimed everything in their article was true – including him bailing on the event, that fact that the charity is one he was involved with and even information his failure to register the charity with NY officials as required by law.


The Post said that Pras was indeed a board member of Hope For Them – that was until they ran their article and the president of the foundation downgraded him to “good friend” of the organization. The newspaper claimed they only did this after their reporter started digging into the charity. The newspaper blasted the rapper for filing suit and claim the lawsuit is nothing more than a celebrity attempting to silence the media criticism of his activities. They demanded his lawsuit be dismissed and he be awarded nothing.

Last year, the federal court judge came back with his decision and dismissed the entire $30 million lawsuit and awarded the musician nothing. He said that the newspaper was known for being less than serious in it’s reporting and that the tone of the article didn’t qualify as defamatory. 

Pras headed to the Appeal Court and demanded they overturn the decision due to the judge incorrectly ruling on the case. They eventually sided with the artist and remanded the case back to the original court and the legal battle was back on.

Then on September 30th, Pras and the newspaper filed docs in the case explaining they are jointly dismissing the entire case and all claims against the other. The parties agreed to resolve this matter outside of court and each will pay their own court costs and legal fees.

The judge signed off on their stipulation and the case was closed the same day. The terms of their agreement will remain confidential.

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