Florida Crazies: Neurotic Car Owner Stashes BMW In His Living Room To Protect It From Hurricane Matthew

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Florida BMW Lover Parks M3 In Living Room During Hurricane Matthew

Ahhhh, Florida.

A man named Randy Jalil has gone viral after posting Instagram photos of himself parking his BMW E30 M3 in his living room as Hurricane Matthew loomed above him.

Jalopnik caught up with Randy and had him explain what the hell he was thinking!

“Thankfully the hurricane didn’t hit us bad at all here in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. I basically had the idea to put the E30 M3 in the house because we wanted to save any other cars from the damaging winds or flooding. So two other vehicles were in the garage. Nothing fancy just a couple of old BMWs. So I took a tape measurer to see how wide the double doors were. It measured 73″, I then took that to my car and realized there was a ton of room on each side.

Prior to the hurricane I had help guiding the car through the doors by my friend Keith Pomeroy. The rest was history.

I’ve owned my E30 for about 8 years now and the last few years there was a spike in value with these cars. I wasn’t risking anything! This car is absolutely my pride and joy and I will own it for years to come.”

What do you think? Is this smart or stupid as hell?

Flip the page a few times to see more pics of Randy and his new roommate.

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A post shared by Randy (@jalilsup) on

#hurricanematthew #duringthestorm

A post shared by Randy (@jalilsup) on

#hurricanematthew #breakfast #afterthestorm

A post shared by Randy (@jalilsup) on

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