#BlackGirlMagic: Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris Discovers Way To Treat Stress In Children Who Live In Poverty

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Nadine Burke Harris Innovates Way To Treat Stress In Poor Kids

Nadine Burke Harris, a leading pediatrician, has discovered an innovative way to help children who live in low-income neighborhoods treat their mental health issues.

Dr. Harris first explored the issues when she noticed a lot of kids who came into her clinic were dealing with chronic abdominal pain, headaches, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and opposition defiant disorders reports The Washington Post:

She found an answer in a decade-old study that showed a strong link between chronic disease and traumatic experiences during childhood — things such as physical abuse or neglect, or living with a family member addicted to drugs or alcohol. She knew the children she saw lived with high “doses” of adversity, she said, and it made sense: Trauma was affecting their developing brains and also their developing bodies.

So she began to regard her practice in a whole new way. She started evaluating children not just for their medical histories, but also their social histories. And instead of treating only symptoms, she sought to help with the root causes of the stress that were making them sick.

She screened all the children at her clinic for traumatic experiences, and she built a new kind of medical center for those who screened positive. At the Center for Youth Wellness, which opened in 2011, children and their parents can see mental health workers, learn about mindfulness and other relaxation techniques, and meet with case managers who connect them with social services.

Read more about Dr. Harris’ research HERE. #BlackGirlMagic

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