Pay Up: Gabrielle Union Sues BET For Trying To Lowball Her “Being Mary Jane” Salary

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Gabrielle Union Sues BET Over Being Mary Jane

Gabrielle Union’s “Being Mary Jane” is the breakout hit of BET’s original programming…but production may slow up a bit in the near future, as Gabby is now suing the network for $1 million in damages over what she sees as an attempt to nickel and dime her on the agreed-upon salary they negotiated.

According to TMZ, Gabby has filed papers claiming that she was misled by the network with the length of the show’s latest season. Rather than sticking to the typical 10-episode format they’ve been on for the last four seasons, this time around they’re ordering 20 episodes — but paying Gabby the same amount.

She says that even though her contract allows for 26-episode seasons (apparently a Viacom standard), the network orally promised her there would never be more than 13 episodes in a single season, because they simply wouldn’t be able to afford a season that long.

Now, that’s been completely thrown out of the window with this 20-episode format. Also, her contract clearly states that she’s supposed to receive a pay raise –rising from $150k per episode to $165k per episode — in Season 5 of the show. That also hasn’t happened.

Daaaamn. One would think that BET would make sure to keep the star of their biggest show happy. It’s not like Gabby is thirsty for TV work when shes still booking big roles in Hollywood films.


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