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Bobby V Defends His “Black On Black Crime” Comments On Bossip’s Podcast

On a recent episode of Bossip’s Don’t Be Scared” podcast, Bobby V stopped by to dish on his new “Hollywood Hearts” album and starring role in the BET film under the same name.

While there he also spoke on his philanthropic efforts and gave his opinion on the state of the black community.

On making an impact with his Bobby V foundation:

Even though I do what I do, I still want to get to that position where I have a voice. I’ve already graduated six people from college with my foundation. It’s called the Bobby V Foundation. It’s in conjunction with my parents, they have a farm called Urban Farm. They get grants, all types of stuff, I do my foundation stuff in conjunction with them. They give out fresh fruits and vegetables to inner cities.

On black issues:

A lot of the issues we’re having as black people, it’s because our leaders are the rappers. When I go talk to the kids, they want to hear from those guys. When our parents were growing up they had real leaders like Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton until they was paid off by the government. They had real leaders who spoke on real issues, now we’re so divided because there’s so called levels to it. We don’t have that leadership. I commend T.I. for the record that he made and the video. I feel like every rapper need to have some type of song like that. Everybody should have some type of song talking about the real issues, it has to start with our leaders.

Bobby also took time to to respond to recent criticism he received for his “black on black crime” comments following the shooting death of Philando Castile.


According to Bobby we should care just as much about violence between black people as police shootings.

Everybody kind of misconstrued what I said. My mom said ‘you can’t say that right now, now is not the time.’ Let’s care about each other, let’s not wait till a white man shoots us to care then. Because it’s like ‘our black lives matter’ when a black man shoots another black man. We killing each other and hate on each other so much. Let’s march when I shoot this next black man, let’s march for that. Let’s go to the streets on issues for ourselves. Let’s be proactive for issues with ourselves. […] There’s no leadership, nobody really to take charge for us coming together as a whole.

David D then joined the conversation and noted that “black on black crime” doesn’t really exist. “We do our vigils, we march, we do the same thing,” said David.

David D: We do march when we shoot each other, we talk about Chicago violence, we do our vigils, we march, we do the same thing—it’s misconstrued. People try to hide the fact that black people march when black people kill each other. Quote unquote “black on black crime” which is not really a thing—we care when black people kill each other. We got the stop the violence things…
Bobby V: To me it doesn’t seems like we do as much until when a white cop shoots us. It’s like we wait for that. […] It’s the same thing with black people as far as us being on the same page and getting together. These athletes make millions—if I was getting that much money I’m gonna take at least take a million or two and put a million or two into a hood to make a youth center.

On All Lives Matter VS Black Lives Matter:

Dani Canada: So for the record you do believe that black lives matter?

Bobby V: Totally. Is that wrong though for all lives to matter? […] Black lives definitely matter, we just need to care about ourselves when we are doing devious things to each other as well as white people killing us unnecessarily.

Listen to Bobby V on Don’t Be Scared below.




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