Surprise, Surprise: Black Women Are Getting Blamed For ‘Birth Of A Nation’s’ Box Office Performance Because People Are Stupid

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Black Women Blamed For Birth Of A Nation Box Office

There’s a lot of discussion about Birth of a Nation and its box office performance. The movie made $7 million in its first week, which is actually on low end of expectations. So it didn’t “flop” but it didn’t wow either. Of course, now black women are being blamed for the movie’s performance. Despite the fact Nate Parker is embroiled in a rape scandal and the movie is suffering from less than stellar reviews. But take a look at this:



The article, which you can read in full here, places the blame directly on black women and no one else. Roland Martin also hopped in and said it was because of Nate Parker’s white wife. Sigh. This is silly. And here’s why…

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