Mr. ScamYoGirl: Meet The Freckled Philosopher Spittin’ Scammy Game On Instagram

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Chef Ebrahim’s Fake Deepery Is Taking Over Instagram

Thirsty Instagram philosopher/chef Ebrahim Aseem is the latest fake woke “life coach” preaching to gullible Nubian Black queenssss on social media at a hilariously scammy time where ANYONE can be an expert on ANYTHING online.


Hit the flip to meet the freckled philosopher feeding hearts and minds on IG.

Do you agree? Snapchat: #EbrahimAseem

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Ladies, is this true for you? #EbrahimAseem #SpeakLife #CookingAWedding & speaking at it. Book me:

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I'd marry a woman with children. She's not a burden. She's a blessing. #EbrahimAseem Bro, if you don't want to commit to a single mother, cool. Keep "talking" to the girls you prefer. I sincerely pray that works for you. But don't knock a man like me, willing to pour love into a woman & her child. #EbrahimAseem Her son needs loves & leadership from a man, so he won't grow up to neglect his responsibilities & choose to be a baby daddy. If his father isn't man enough to raise & teach him how to be a man, I will. #EbrahimAseem Her daughter needs to see a man court, commit to, provide for & respect her mother, so she won't think she has to settle to keep a man. If her father isn't man enough to be a provider for her mother, I will. #EbrahimAseem Courting a single mother is terribly hard. She'll flake & cancel dates. Short text & not reply. Have no time for putting you first. A woman who puts her child first over me, makes me want to make her & her child my first priority. #EbrahimAseem Be patient with her. She's not flaking. Childcare costs more than the date you want to take her on. Pay her babysitter. Take her on a date. It's not about money. Spoil her with your time to let her know you appreciate all sacrifices she makes for her child with no help. Be her consistency & she will be your everything. #EbrahimAseem Speaking this to a group of 335 grad school men. My book on Courting Single Mothers drops this summer! DM me for the free forward.

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    You need to hear this. #EbrahimAseem #Motivation

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    If you do it all by yourself, no help, you deserve full credit. And your child deserves a father figure. Only a man can teach a man how to be one. my #NewArticle #LinkInMyBio You don't play "both roles". You play your role as a mother excellently. Your son still needs love & leadership from a male role model, so he won't grow up constantly seeking approval from from his "homies". #EbrahimAseem He needs a man to be a living example of self sufficiency, so he won't grow up living off a woman, rent free. He needs a man to teach him how to calm his inner rage. How to control his dick head & think with the head connected to his mind. #EbrahimAseem A mother can do an outstanding job speaking her expectations of manhood to her son, but she can't show him manhood by example. Only a man can. The man doesn't have to be his birth father. Uncle, grandfather, cousins, older brothers, coaches & make mentors can be his father figure. Even if you're a widow, your son still needs a living example of the man you want him to grow up to become. #EbrahimAseem A woman does not need a man to complete her. But a little girl needs a father figure. Your daughter needs love & affection from a man, so she won't grow up looking for love from every man she meets. #EbrahimAseem She needs to see a man court, commit to, provide for & respect his woman, so she won't grow up thinking she has to settle for a "side chick" role just to keep a man. A male role model can be a uncle, grandfather, cousin, mentor, coach, somebody! Full# link in my bio.

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    my #NewArticle Link in my bio. #EbrahimAseem "Women say 'once a man gets a real woman he won't want to sleep with other women.' Myth!…Being faithful to one woman is unnatural for men. If he knew his woman wouldn't find out, any man would do it," according to @TerryDeron wrote. As a man who has never cheated, I disagree. Monogamy is not unnatural for men. If it were, men would remain single & sleep with as many women as we want to. Then it wouldn't be "cheating". Men who cheat do it for control. #EbrahimAseem Insecurely filling their low confidence by breaking your trust. Holding a loyal woman's heart hostage, while behaving single boosts an inadequate male's ego. He's not just intimidated by an intelligent, successful woman with her own mind, he's jealous of her. #EbrahimAseem Jealous he lacks courage to disagree with his homies & parents, to speak his own mind the way she does. He cheats on her to break her down to his low confidence level. This is why cheaters will constantly accuse a loyal woman of cheating. He doesn't understand how a genuine woman like you settles for an unconfident, narssasistic male like him. If monogamy was 'unnatural' for a man, he'd just leave her so he can sleep with all the women he wants. He WANTS to stay committed, make you suffer to suck power & confidence from your pain through a soul tie, like a vampire. #EbrahimAseem This is why a man will cheat on a loyal woman for years, then leave her to marry the next woman he meets. He used cheating on a beautiful, genuine woman to give him the confidence he lacked, to approach the woman he really wanted. #EbrahimAseem For years you stayed loyal to a cheater, bringing out his potential, only for the woman he met after you to reap all the benefits of the faithful man you taught him how to be, because you were more of his mother than his woman. #EbrahimAseem Women wouldn't be happily married if they allowed cheating. That's what wives did 100 years ago when women were legal property of their husbands. Never settle for cheating. True love is reciprocal. For full article, click on the link in my bio. Tag a friend who can relate to this.

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    Ladies, is this true? #EbrahimAseem

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    Snapchat: EbrahimAseem

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