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Mirror UK reports IndiGo Airlines is banning children under the age of 12 from eight rows of seating and parents are fearful that other airlines will follow suit. In a statement about their latest policy, IndiGo noted that traveling parents should keep in mind “the comfort and convenience of all passengers, rows one to four and 11 to 14 are to be kept as a quiet zone.” Mirror states children will also be banned from sitting in emergency seating on IndiGo, as well.


Black Women Are Not Here For Being Blamed For Birth Of A Nation Failing

Black woman angry

Black feminists caught wind of the blame for the failure of Birth of a Nation box office sales being placed on their shoulders and, quite frankly, they’re not having it. While there have been musings all over the Internet about the joy Black women allegedly take in bringing Nate Parker down ever since his rape allegations resurfaced, the straw that broke the camels back is likely this article in Medium, written by a Black woman no less, who argues “the unrepentant pettiness of Black feminists” is what caused BOAN to flop.


Jay Z, Kanye West & Frank Ocean Victors In “Made In America” Lawsuit

Jay Z and Kanye West’s collaborative Watch The Throne project sparked a lawsuit over the track “Made In America,” which featured Frank Ocean on the hook. A lawsuit from Joel McDonald claiming the track was his was filed in 2014 but it was decided that singer and songwriter did not have a strong enough case to pursue the matter further. Pitchfork reports that the copyright infringement case filed by McDonald, also known as Joel Mac, was based on a song the singer released in 2009 of the same name as the Watch The Throne track. McDonald claimed that Watch The Throne stole his concept although the matter was dismissed in September 2015 in a district court. Last Friday (Oct. 7), a federal appeals court confirmed the earlier ruling by the lower court.


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