Scary Azz Mailman Caught On Camera Pepper Spraying Tiny Dogs Barking Behind Gate [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Mailman Caught Pepper Spraying Resident’s Dogs [Video]

A mailman, obviously with either a cruel streak or a crippling fear of dogs, faces three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty after unleashing pepper spray on three dogs along his mail route.

21-year-old John Brucewayne O’Veal, explained to officials that “he observed the dogs and their teeth. He sprayed the dogs as he was trained to do.” The only issue? The dogs were puppy-sized and caged behind a fence — away from the mailbox he needed to access.

They train mailmen to pepper spray dogs behind a fence? That’s interesting…

Of course, the dog’s owner believes that story about as much as we do. He told ABC13 that his dogs, one a rescue from a shelter, couldn’t even open their eyes for three hours after the attack. He thinks that O’veal should be punished — but not with jail time or fines. Just some good old fashioned community service at a local dog shelter.

“I think a little community service. SPCA, that’s where we got Bella. We rescued her. It hurts what he did.”

Well, that seems fair. Those dogs didn’t look like they were going to do anything to him even if they really could have…


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