Ex-Friend Files: Tamar Braxton’s Bestie Blasts Toya Wright–& Toya Says THIS About Being ‘Disloyal’

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Tamar’s Friend Mr. L Davis Blasts Toya Wright


“I don’t have no ill will, no ill feelings towards Tamar…”–Toya Wright

Remember when we told you that Toya Wright hinted in her new book that Tamar might have had her banned from “The Real”???

Via BallerAlert:

My friend was on the talk show for what I believe was two seasons and I was never able to go on there. After my friend was fired, my publicist was able to get me on the show, which I found to be strange. I never had a convo with my homegirl about what happened to her and how she ended up leaving the talk show. All I knew is that she no longer worked there.

Well one of Tamar’s besties is none too pleased with Toya and he took to Twitter to blast her.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.26.15 AM

Mr. L Davis, who previously went off on “The Real” producers after Tay Tay’s firing, thinks Toya got it all wrong.

She wasn’t booked as a guest on ANY show, not just “The Real” so Tamar can’t be to blame.



What do YOU think about Tamar’s friend defending her from Toya’s claims???

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Was it disloyal of Toya to appear on “The Real” after Tamar was fired???


Hit the flip to see what Toya really thinks about Tamar ending their friendship.



Earlier this week Toya chatted with CNN Entertainment and spoke directly on Tamar.

According to Toya she didn’t think she was being disloyal by appearing on “The Real.”

“I feel like everyone is entitled to feel how they feel or get caught in their feelings,” said Toya. “But I feel as women and grown adults we should be able to talk to one another if we consider each other to be friends or sister friends for that matter. I found out about the situation via social media so it’s kind of new and a shocker to me.

I love Tamar, we’ve been friends—well so I thought, for a few years and I understand me going to promote my book on a show she was no longer a part of, I guess kinda made her upset. I don’t feel like I was being disloyal.

One thing about me, my loyalty has never been questioned. EVER in life, I’m a very loyal person, I’m very supportive of my friends. I don’t have no ill will, no ill feelings towards Tamar. I don’t get it but that’s the way she feels.

Toya also told CNN Entertainment that finding real friendships is a struggle.

Toya: “It’s hard to find real genuine people, nowadays people have ulterior motives and they wanna be around to get put on. You have to really watch who you have in your circle, you can’t trust any and everybody.”

CNN Ent: “Has anyone ever betrayed you?”

Toya: “Yes, [I] cut ’em off. I can’t deal with that energy, the negative energy, someone who’s trying to use and abuse you. There are plenty of people who take my kindness for weakness.”

Hit the flip for a clap back from Toya to Tamar’s friend.

Toya’s reminding Mr. L Davis that she’s booked on Chelsey Lately, Wendy Williams AND the Monique Show. So why not “The Real”???


Hit the flip for a word from Tamar.


Tamar’s bestie still has some words for Toya; hit the flip to see ’em.


Toya also added a clap back about “publishing out of her bathroom.”

“#WhenUSelfPublishOutOfYourBathroom,” she captioned a video of her packing up copies of her books.


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