Black Trans Journalist Kicked Off United Flight For Rocking A$AP Rocky Shirt And Marvel Black Panther Hat

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Black Transwoman Kicked Off Flight For Wearing “Black Panther” Hat














Amanda Stevens, a black transgender freelance journalist from Albany, NY was hoping to peacefully take a flight to Chicago to cover a League of Legends event. However, the flight crew wasn’t feeling her attire and eventually put her off the flight because of it.

The trouble started when the pilot expressed discomfort over Amanda’s A$AP Rocky shirt, which featured a black and white American flag turned upside down:

Now, WHY the pilot was inspecting the clothing of passengers before boarding the plane, we aren’t sure. Especially since an American flag displayed upside down is actually an internationally recognized sign of distress — something a pilot should generally know…

But Amanda complied by turning her shirt inside out before boarding. However, as soon as she got seated, suddenly flight attendants had even more issues with her flight attire. Next, it was her Marvel “Black Panther” hat that had them shook:

And if singling her out for clothing items they clearly mis-assigned as “terrorist” or otherwise offensive wasn’t enough…they sought the first opportunity they could find to label her aggressive and put her out. According to Gizmodo:

Reached by phone, Stevens told io9 that a United representative first raised concerns when she was preparing to board flight 5183 from Albany to Chicago. Stevens told me that she’s flown in this outfit before but turned the shirt inside out. She was then told that the hat was a concern as well. She was allowed to board the plane but had a tense exchange with an attendant who asked her to place her bag under the seat in front of her. “I didn’t know if I was going to be staying on the plane or not and I said that,” she told me. “I was grumbling because I was frustrated.”

Stevens then told me that the exchange with the flight attendant was given as the reason that she was ejected from the flight.

Lord…they kick Muslims off the plane for being “threatening,” and Black folks off the plane for wearing things that make the pilot — who literally NEVER has to see passengers — uncomfortable. Do white people get kicked off the plane for ANYTHING? Or is this treatment just “scary” Black and brown folks??


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