SMH: Delta Flight Attendant Blocks Houston Physician From Helping An Ailing Passenger, Refusing To Believe She’s A Doctor

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Delta Blocks Black Physician Blocked From Helping In Medical Emergency


What is going on with these airlines???

An OBGYN offered to help in the midst of a medical emergency during the middle of her flight…but was instead dismissed and questioned by a flight attendant who apparently had a tough time believing that a Black woman flying out of Detroit could possibly be a doctor.

Tamika Cross was leaving Detroit after attending a friend’s wedding, when a man two rows ahead of her became unresponsive, sending his wife into a panic. She immediately went into doctor mode and offered her service in what was a potentially deadly situation…before a racist skeptical flight attendant stepped in…

In her own words, here is how the incident went down:



GOOD. She did the right thing refusing the flight attendant’s measly attempt at covering her tracks after the damage was already done. This lady should be flying free until she’s old and gray after being blatantly disrespected that way…


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