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FBI Director Refuses To Believe That Police Are Killing Blacks

What do you do when even the FBI doesn’t believe police are a problem in this country?

FBI Director, James Comey, spoke to thousands of police officers at the International Chiefs of Police Conference in San Diego. The director claims there is no real data to prove “biased police are killing black men at epidemic rates” reports Fox News:

He also said that people “actually have no idea if the number of black people or brown people or white people being shot by police is up, down or sideways over the last three years, five years, 10 years”.

“It is a narrative driven by video images of real and gut-wrenching misconduct, by images of possible misconduct, by images of perceived misconduct,” Comey added. “It’s a narrative given force by the awesome power of human empathy.”

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Comey later says that police officers are cognizant of how they’re being portrayed my minorities and adds, “Our officers see the videos. They desperately do not want to be in one. They think about that all the time.”




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