Divorce Drama: Mary J. Blige’s Estranged Hubby Kendu Demands $129K A Month For Spousal Support!

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Mary J. Blige’s Ex Demands $129K A Month In Spousal Support

Mary J. Blige’s prenup going doooooooown because Kendu wants a fat check!

We recently reported earlier this summer that legendary singer filed divorce papers against her longtime manager Kendu Issacs. Mary’s estranged hubby has clapped back with reasons for spousal support following the breakup.

Kendu now says he deserves a 6 figure pay out because he earned millions for the singer reports TMZ:

Martin Isaacs filed for temporary spousal support, and according to the docs — obtained by TMZ — he thinks $129,319 per month is a nice, round number. His argument is simple — Mary was the breadwinner during their 12-year marriage and got him used to their lavish lifestyle.

Kendu claims he earned anywhere between $1.5 to $5.1 million over the last 2 years as her manager but has earned zero income since Mary kicked him to the curb.


Mary’s estranged hubby also believes their prenup isn’t worth the paper it’s written on since he signed it without a lawyer. Kendu claims she’s s already cut him 2 checks for a total of $85,000 proving she knows she’s in the wrong about their financial union.

Do you think Kendu deserves the huge pay out or nah? Sound off in the comment section below.

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