Russell Westbrook Covers GQ Magazine

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Russell Westbrook Covers GQ Magazine

Russell Westbrook has made a name for himself both on AND off the court…particularly for his bold approach to fashion, his lovely Black wife, and a few minor outbursts here and there.

Now, Russell is getting a chance to show off his style and personality on the pages of this month’s GQ Magazine. In an article titled “Why Not Russell Westbrook?” the baller explains his life philosophy…

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“Why not?”

It’s a mantra that’s governed his disposition as long as he’s been in the spotlight, evident in the unflinching way he both plays the game and picks his clothes (fashion’s his other fixation). But his embrace of the phrase Why not? goes back to well before he was famous. “My friends and I started that motto early in high school,” Westbrook says. “That attitude, that mentality, from way back then: Want to go to Stanford? Why not? Want to play in the NBA? Why not? I was never the best player. Not ever in my life. Though even when I was younger, I felt that on any given day I could be. And that mentality’s what’s helped me get over the hump each and every day to where I was meant to go.”

…and in addition to Russel’s pretty eye-opening and in-depth interview, there’s also plenty of style shots of the baller in his signature skintight style…






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