F Around If You Want: Adventurous Foodie Spends 23 Days In The Hospital After Eating “Ghost Pepper Burger”

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Ghost Pepper Burger Send A Man To The Hospital For 23 Days

As black folks, we’re all for a lil spice in our food. Hot sauce in our bag, jalapeños on our nachos, even a tongue simmering jerk chicken sauce. We’re down for all of it.

However, when it comes to those crazy a$$ “man vs. food” challenges, we usually bow out gracefully.

One of the reasons for our acquiescence on THAT level of the spicy food front, this 47-year-old man who is the subject of a Journal of Emergency Medicine report:

A 47-year-old man presented to the Emergency Department (ED) with severe abdominal and chest pain subsequent to violent retching and vomiting after eating ghost peppers as part of a contest. A subsequent chest x-ray study showed evidence of a left-sided pleural effusion and patchy infiltrates. A computed tomography scan of the abdomen and pelvis showed pneumomediastinum with air around the distal esophagus, suggestive of a spontaneous esophageal perforation and a left-sided pneumothorax.

In English, this mean that this silly muthaf***a ate a hamburger that had some 75-inch-HD-flat screen-TV-in-the-back-of-a-delivery-truck hot ghost peppers and tore a cotdamn hole in his throat!

This lead to a miserable 23-day stint in the hospital that still left the man with a gastric tube upon discharge.

No thanks. We’re perfectly good with this Tabasco, Texas Pete, Louisiana and Sriracha.

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