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Katherine Jackson has made an official statement.

Pop it and peep it..

Mrs. Jackson continues to serve as her son’s most trusted and loyal advocate even in death. In an effort to gain more facts concerning a suspicious circle of relationships, unnotarized will and an undisclosed trust, both drafted in 2002, which grant the executors and trustees thereunder very broad powers, Mrs Jackson has sought formal discovery of the temporary special administrators of her son’s estate. The Court has made clear that it will consider Mrs. Jackson’s demand for expedited discovery, and all other serious issues relating to the estate, on August 3rd. We are confident that at that time the court will allow Mrs Jackson full discovery.

To be clear, neither Mrs. Jackson nor her representatives seek to re-write her son’s will. Her concerns are and remain the welfare of her son’s surviving children, the preservation of his legacy and the protection of his estate. Unfortunately, and contrary to their public statements, lawyers for John Branca and John McClain have either denied Mrs. Jackson access to critical information or insisted on such onerous and unreasonable restrictions on her access to and use of such information as to be tantamount to an outright refusal of certain agreements, such as the AEG agreement . The contract in question is of great potential significance to the estate, and the matters currently before the Probate Court, and yet the confidentiality terms presented to Mrs. Jackson by the temporary special administrators and AEG would have required her to accept greater confidentiality obligations than the temporary special administrators and greater than what her son agreed to. This was unacceptable. Such unreasonable demands, coupled with the special administrators’ apparent concern for protecting AEG at the expense of Mrs. Jackson, raise serious concerns. Mrs. Jackson is looking for transparency in terms of the administration of her son’s estate. Because this transparency has not been forthcoming, she was forced to resort to making formal discovery requests. Such measures will not be necessary if Mrs. Jackson is appointed a co-executor of the estate.‬ She was the only person who served as a trustee and/or co-manager of Michael’s business interests at the time of his death and over the past four years. The will expressly allows for an appointment of the vacated third member. No one should deny Mrs. Jackson the right to help preserve and administer Michael’s legacy especially those whom had almost no contact with Michael for numerous years prior to his death.

This is from Katherine’s lawyer. This is going to get extremely messy.



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