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This is hilarious. A crackhead on “Blind Date”…

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  • Petey Wheatstraw

    1st. Old but still a funny one


    Was this really an episode. Cmon now.



  • solizzay

    this is madddd old.

  • mr mr

    this is very old…but still gets a laugh out of me everytime…


    This makes black people look real bad… I don’t think it is funny at all.

  • SQ

    That for coming out with this new website, I really enjoy the old school videos.

  • elle


  • Kompton's Kutie

    A Mess!

  • rachel still sweet 25th/2008

    Come on folks , we cant take our selves so seriously ALL THE TIME, admit it …it was funny , and of course she is a crack head….this does not reflect even the lowest of black person…this person is on CRACK enough said …if anything if it were not a joke for tv , it would look worse on white folks..the white guy was in his right mind and still go along with all tha ish!!

  • Psychology

    “cracker with a 2 inch dick”….LMAO

    It’s somewhat degrading that the crack head is a black woman.There are white woman in the trailer park that are crack heads too.

  • uh...

    this video is old as hell, yall are late!

  • http://www.anythingblack.wordpress.com www.anythingblack.wordpress.com


  • Christie

    Yes, it is seriously old but funny none the less. I have watched this maddness three times and still keep laughing at “get yo ass in this car nicca u know u want this money, hell.” LMBAO!! Don’t throw up nicca hit dat sh*t. LOL!!!

  • Christie

    still laughing at “don’t throw up ni$$a, hit that sh*t”. LOL…that hurt me so bad.

  • it's me dammit!!!

    OMG!!!! I must be late because I have never seen this before, I was laughing my ass off, this is too funny, some people on this site, really need to get the sticks out their asses, this is no way trying to degrade blacks, its a dam joke, a spoof ok?? Yall know there is no way this was a real episode, with that host wearing a shimmy shirt and shorts “How u doing?”” LMBAO!!!!

  • Mrssexcee1

    hahahah this is old but funnnny as hell lol

  • Kel

    LMAO!! never saw this before.. Funny shiznit!

  • When The Remy's In The System, Ain't No Tellin'

    SMDH on a blind date…

  • tonni

    I never saw it and it was funny ass hell. There are white people that are crackheads as well as blacks. It it don’t apply, let it fly. LOL!!!

  • Shamzy

    Yall seeing this now?! This old…but funny as hell!

  • http://www.youtube.com/brownsugar976 brownsugar976

    Was this Real!!!

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Typical chick from the hood, lol!

  • Kym G

    that was wild?? what the hell.. I hope that was really staged

  • http://www.hotfox220.blogspot.com Roroyaboat

    Funny as Hell I hate I was late on that!

    Crackheads come in all shapes sizes and color!

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