Rack City? Tyga “Falls Ill” The Moment Lawyers Start Grilling Him About How Much Money He Spends On Kylie Jenner

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Tyga Kylie

Tyga Becomes Physically Sick Talking About Buying Kylie Gifts In Court

Tyga is in court so much for unpaid bills and unsettled debts that it’s damn near a part-time job for him at this point. Still, he was thrown for such a loop by the line of questioning at his latest case that he was suddenly pushed into a medical emergency.

Tyga was facing off against celeb jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills this time around, in a hearing meant to determine if he even had close to enough cash to cover the $200k judgment he owes for a diamond chain and an expensive watch that he — of course — failed to pay for.

According to TMZ, Tyga was initially cooperative, telling Jason details about his income and assets, but as soon as lawyers began pressing Tyga about various lavish gifts he’s allegedly given Kylie, based on what the couple shows on social media…suddenly Tyga started feeling under the weather.

Tyga told lawyers he was starting to feel extremely ill, was losing his memory and becoming confused, to the point that he ultimately let the lawyer know there was no way he could continue.

Convenient timing, huh? The questions leave Tyga between a rock and a hard place…if he admits that he drops all his rent money on presents for his teen queen Kylie…then he’ll definitely need to pay up. But if he admits that he doesn’t have 2 dimes to rub together and doesn’t actually buy her ISHT…well then it’s clear that Kylie’s carrying this grown-azz father and they’re a couple of fronting-azz liars.

Hmm…we wonder if he’ll be well enough to answer these questions the NEXT time court comes around…


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