Don’t Be Scared: Bobby V Defends His ‘Black On Black Crime’ Comments [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

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Bobby V Defends His “Black On Black Crime” Comments On Bossip’s Podcast

Bobby V recently told our podcast about his controversial “black on black crime” comments.

Let’s care about each other, let’s not wait till a white man shoots us to care then. Because it’s like ‘our black lives matter’ when a black man shoots another black man. We killing each other and hate on each other so much. Let’s march when I shoot this next black man, let’s march for that. Let’s go to the streets on issues for ourselves. Let’s be proactive for issues with ourselves. […] There’s no leadership, nobody really to take charge for us coming together as a whole..”

Listen to Bobby V on Don’t Be Scared below.


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