What Would You Do? Psycho Walmart Shopper Walks Up To Random Woman And Chokes Her 4-Month-Old Daughter

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4-Month-Old Baby Choked And Nearly Kidnapped At Kansas Walmart

People are crazy as f**k these days. Especially when it comes to the sick and deranged things they are willing to do to children…


New mother Quisha Hill was minding her damn business, copping some items from her local Walmart, when some looney-tune tried to snatch and choke the life out of her 4-month-old daughter!

Via Fox4KC

“I come in to grab couple items, and as I while I was at the counter top, speaking with the lady and bagging up my groceries, this random man comes out of nowhere and yanks the car seat out of the cart, has my baby, and he’s like I’m taking the baby, I’m stealing her. I’m taking her. Call 911. Call 911,” Hill said.

Hill says the man then began choking her child, and she began screaming for help. Nearby shoppers jumped in to help and wrestled the man to the ground.

“That’s when tons of Walmart workers come over to help me get her out,” Hill said. “She is still restrained. As soon as they come over to get him, they body slam him down to the ground. He punches one of the security officers. And then that’s when we have the baby back.”

According to Quisha, the man was speaking an unidentifiable foreign language. Far as the baby’s health, Hill said there doesn’t appear to be any injury as a result of the choking.

How scary must THIS be for a brand new mother??? What would you have done in this situation?

Image via Fox4KC

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