Middle School Boy's Leg Amputated After Teacher Injures Him

You Can’t Be Serious…: 13-Year-Old Boy’s Leg Amputated After Reckless Teacher Body-Slammed Him To The Ground

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Middle School Boy’s Leg Amputated After Teacher Injures Him

A young boy who was repeatedly wrestled to the ground by a teacher at his Muscogee County, GA alternative school has lost his leg due to injuries sustained in the altercation.

According to AllOnGeorgia, 13-year-old Montravious Thomas battled to keep his limb for over a month before doctors decided there was nothing more they could do to save it. Rather than seek immediate medical care for the boy once he screamed that he was hurt…school officials placed him on his bus home and never alerted his mother that anything had occurred…

The incident occurred at the Edgewood Student Services Center located in the former Edgewood Elementary School campus on Forest Road. Thomas was originally assigned to East Columbus Middle School. He was referred to the AIM Program under an Individualized Education Plan provided for troubled students.

Tucker says he was the only student in the class that day. She describes a situation where his teacher wrestled the student to the floor three times after Thomas tried to leave the room and call his mother to come get him at school. He was injured the final time he hit the floor and he began to scream he was hurt. The lawyer claims an assistant principal was in the room part of the time.

“You can’t body slam a student to the floor three times and not cause injury,” the lawyer said. “And the results tell us how much physical force was exerted.”

School officials did not contact Lawanda Thomas that day and did not render medical treatment on the scene. Instead they carried him to a school bus and took him home. Mrs. Thomas later took her son to the Columbus Midtown Medical Center where doctors decided he needed to be airlifted to Egleston.

To make matters worse…Montravious’ mother Lawanda Thomas has lost her job in the process of trying to be at her son’s side as much as possible since he was so severely harmed by his teacher…

Thomas’ confrontation with the teacher came on his first day at the new school and the student was airlifted to Atlanta later that evening after being taken home on a school bus. Since the incident on Sept. 12, his mother has tried to stay with him at the hospital as much as possible and an attorney for the family said Monday that Lawanda Thomas has lost her job in Columbus.

“My client is certainly aware of the situation and naturally he’s emotional. Doctors talked to him and his mother on Sunday and told him they were having to take his leg since they were unable to improve the flow of blood to his lower leg. Right now we are all concerned for his long-term health,” attorney Renee Y. Tucker said.

This is INSANE. We can’t believe a school system would break a child’s leg so severely that it resulted in amputation…and not even address the injury and send him home like that.

There’s a $5 Million lawsuit looming over the school and we seriously doubt that Lawanda Thomas has a chance of losing after the way her son was treated — on his FIRST day of school, no less…

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