Caped Crusader: Joakim Noah Dismisses Derrick Rose’s Rape Accuser “Trying To Make Money Off My Friend”

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Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah

Joakim Noah Slams Derrick Rose’s Rape Accuser As A Gold-Digger

Yesterday, Derrick Rose was acquitted of gang rape in a civil case that was filed against him by a former girlfriend.

Many men who never met Derrick Rose a day in their lives felt this was a reason to celebrate a “victory” for one of their own kind via social media.

However, Rose’s long-time teammate Joakim Noah took the acquittal as an opportunity to not only champion his buddy, but also take a steamy s#!t on his accuser according to NYDailyNews:

“It’s a blessing to have (Rose) come back. I don’t even know what to say. It’s great that the truth came out,” Noah said after a California jury ruled that the accuser hadn’t proven her claim in the civil trial. “But at the same time we didn’t have our point guard for all of preseason. All of this because of a girl who was trying to make money off my friend.

“It’s wack.”

Noah said the trial had been a distraction for Rose.

“That’s not an easy situation for anybody. (Rose) is a tough kid. But it’s definitely a distraction. He’s not here,” Noah said. “It’s a distraction not just for him but the whole team. But it’s not his fault. It’s just some girl who went out of her way to make money off of him.”

You know what else is “wack”? Grown azz Derrick Rose not understanding what consent is…

Via USAToday

“When asked at his deposition, Mr. Rose did indeed not have any answer as to what consent means, and we believe that the record very clearly shows that he and his friends are sexual deviants who essentially decided they would have sex with the plaintiff no matter what,” Anand said. “His friends may have pushed this issue, but all three certainly knew that she was severely intoxicated, she could not consent and she would have never consented.”

Pretty wack, huh?

Image via AP

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