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- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a pic of Angel Lola Luv in Vibe Magazine wearing clothes. Yeah we’re just as surprised as you are to see this broad being photographed without her suspect backs or rack on display for the world to see.  What a waste.

Shout out to ICEDOTCOM

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  • Petey Wheatstraw

    1st suckas

  • My Two Cent

    that gurl got a six inch waist…

  • establishedat20




  • VicKaLiCiouS

    She better hook up with Jay so he can do the same thing he did for Rihanna. Pretty face with no talent can get u far these days. She better get her a record deal, and a A++ stylist STAT.


    She may be in clothes but her ass-crack is visible. This skank still had to find a way to show her ass. No self-respect I say. And it’s a FAKE ASS on top of that. All silicone gel. YUK.

  • jman75

    this chic is hot!!!!!! nice ass! i’ll beat!!


  • I'm Just Me

    This Pic looks odd for some reason! I don’t know. Is it too airbrushed or cartoony looking? I don’t know. She is pretty and should know or be told she doesn’t have to expose it all to be noticed.

  • Trini Chica in BK

    Go Angel…I know there wil be some haters up in here in a minute. She is what she has a big azz.

  • Grace


  • Marsha

    Well…suspect ass or not, the girl is very cute and I like the pic…it gives me a chessy cartooney vibe 🙂

  • Marsha


    Am i the only one who thinks of Megan Good when I see her??

  • Marsha

    typing too fast lol

  • The SchoLar

    Shes very Glam in the photo set in Vibe. Kinda Tasteful actually instead of Kims dimpled ass…we get to see a Nice touched up pic. lolz!

  • shake dat booty meat

    although the face has been airbrushed, she looks waay cute for once. and she looks so much better with her ass not hanging out!!

  • Gucci

    I dont think people know the true meaning of HATING, hating is not a disagreement or an opinion……she looks like a bird me and her backside is still out even, if it wasnt thats the first thing u notice on her….anybody look good airbrushed to death.

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    her back is going to be broke when she reaches 40…she’ll probably need a walker

  • Soul Cry


    She is a pretty girl, very much so.

    I need to up my game on the stomach, damn her. lol

  • amber86

    I saw this in my Vibe magazine, I think this is a very pretty pic.

  • jusplayit04

    Fake ass or not I’d still hit it

  • So_Surrus

    Give or Take ol girl aint even black and she has a @ss bigga than me, she betta get wit the program and do some hair…

  • Chooch

    Since when is this girl lightskinned? She is a dark skin chick. Go pull up her pics on google or somewhere. They airbrused the heck out of her. Everything about her is fake. She has a nose job, boob job, arse job, and botoxes to death. I remember when you had to be pretty and actually have talent to be famous. Heck now anyone can make it.

  • beautiful b

    @ least pretty faces are coming back in style. i remember about 3-4 yrs ago nuccas didnt care what ya face looked like as long as that ass was cute. as a result mud ducks were running rampant on video sets.

  • Gee Gee

    please that thing ain’t real

  • jusplayit04

    @ beautiful b

    that was funny but so true…The dogs were definitly out of the cages in 2003-4

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