RZA Responds To Azealia Banks’ Rant About Him Not Defending Her Against Russell Crowe

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RZA Speaks Out On Azealia Banks’ Russell Crowe Incident


Azealia Banks has spoken out right and left about what happened the night she got kicked out of Russell Crowe’s suite while attending a get together as RZA’s guest. After being verbally attacked and put down by Azealia for his refusal to defend her…RZA is finally giving his side of the story.

Azealia’s account is one of violence and victimization at the hands of a Hollywood A-lister…one which she was called racial slurs while everyone else in the room looked on silently.

However according to RZA, though he had given her a chance despite her reputation and helped her with anything she asked…Azealia WILDED THE FAWK OUT at a party he invited her to, embarrassed herself and him in the process, and physically attacked another guest for no reason. He essentially said there was nothing to defend, because her actions were indefensible…




It sounds like he really took a chance on her and she ended up proving all the critics that warned him about her absolutely right. We aren’t sure what’s up with Azealia, but hopefully she’ll be happier and figure out how to stay out of trouble.


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