Kim Kardashian Threatens To Sue ANOTHER Media Outlet For Claiming She Shadily Staged Robbery In France

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Kim Kardashian Sues Huffington Post For Claiming She Staged Robbery


Kim Kardashian is STILL firing back at media outlets who have accused her of making up the entire robbery in France. The socialite first sued MTO and is now gunning for The Huffington Post for claiming she shadily staged the robbery for attention according to TMZ.


Kardashian’s legal team has sent a letter to the writer of the post, informing the contributor to pen a full retraction and an apology for her post. The writer falsely quoted Kim as saying the attack was a “publicity stunt gone horribly wrong.

Sharika Soal, the HuffPo contributor, claims the site has has locked her out of her account, so she can’t post the retraction. The contributor also adds that she has explained the matter to Kim’s lawyers and has NOTHING for them if they do choose to sue.

Do you think Kim should come after HuffPo??

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