NeNe Wears Her Horse Teeth and Sheree Debuts New Tranny Look at the ATL Housewives Party

- By Bossip Staff

All of the Atlanta Housewives were in attendance last night with friends and family. NeNe Leakes seems unable to keep her teeth in her mouth, while Sheree debuted her newly inspired Dwight Eubanks Tranny look.
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  • Moreaces


  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    All these girls look like trannies!

    WTF? 😦

  • tej

    first biotch

  • Layla

    Wow, Sheree has some big Fred Flinstone looking calves, she should be able to stomp NeNe down with those logs and her hair looks atrocious! Dwight, looks like he snorts too much coke and botox. Tiny girl you better get away from that dude for TI catch another case.

  • ColoredGirlT

    Sheree needs to stop the noise with that hair. Not cute!

  • cbutta80

    I want to know what was she thinking when she left the house looking like that?? Well it looks horrible but I think that its publicity. She knew that it would make news and it surely did. There are other ways of getting attention Sheree!

  • This some shhh..

    Cot Damn. Atlanta is going to catch on fire and explode.



    LOL, sheree actually thinks woman want to look and dress like her

  • Aunt Viv


  • Bossip Is Full Of Ignorant Sewer Rats

    Sheree Looks like a Rooster. Lisa looks like she has a giant green tumor on her shoulder with that ugly spinach dress. Kandi=WTF? Kim looks ok, she just needs to shave down her adams apple and she’ll be fine. Nene doesn’t look that bad she just be needs to lose that ugly mothball necklace.


    They just both look horrible.I can’t even begin to describe these looks.They claim to have money,but yet they couldn’t get professional make up advice-damn they both look like clowns.

  • Jayonce

    Leave NeNe alone!

  • blaqkink

    See I knew I didnt like sheree for a reason her her “style”. wtf is that mess???? who is checking for that

  • blaqkink

    @jayonce LMAO at that avitar pic…how you doing?

  • Jessika

    I think nene looks really pretty in her pics…

  • cruzan trini


  • sixfoota

    NeNe is da truth, kim has a new wig, Lisa serves, and Sheree looks turrible

  • john hope franklin (still waiting on my apology from that cracka)

    ne-ne looks like the damn man!!!

  • Scuba Lo

    The brotha in the back of the main pic “WTF is on her head” you knw he sayin that

  • shoppingdiva

    None of them lost any weight, they all bigger this season. Life must be good.

  • whatever

    kandi has a hard face her hair dont help

  • Dame

    damn if they do damn if they dont….leave them alone

  • too cute

    Sheree is too old for that hairstyle what was she thinking

  • Young Lady

    I gotta give it up to NeNe both of her kids have the same father by her husband of a long time and she is more hands on when it comes to her family unlike the rest of the girls. Her and Lisa are the only real housewives. I really don’t know much about Kandi’s family yet but she was a helluva singer in her days! I miss u Escape!!!

  • Love and Happiness

    NeNe looks good, what’s “horse” about her teeth? smh
    Kim looks good, new wig, nice.
    Sheree – just looking for attention, and she got it.
    Lisa – choose one, loud color or bow (dress) she’s pretty but too much makeup.
    Khandi – smile is ugly, what’s in those shorts?

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