She Gets It: Lady GaGa Performs Tribute Song For Trayvon Martin, “Angel Down” In NYC

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Lady GaGa Releases Trayvon Martin Tribute Song

Lady GaGa’s new album, JOANNE is already a bit of a departure from the typical sounds she produces. In addition to her typical pop jams, GaGa decided to address Black Lives Matter and penned a tribute song for Trayvon Martin.

During a recent interview with Beats 1 radio, GaGa spoke about the track, revealing that she felt like there was no way she couldn’t address “the epidemic of young African-Americans being murdered in this country.”

“I was overwhelmed by the fact that people just stood around and didn’t do anything about it, and that the justice system continues to, over and over again, not seek justice for these families.”

GaGa says even though she isn’t herself African-American, she felt that it was her duty to speak out and provide whatever comfort she can for her fans.

“They tell me they drive in their cars, and if they hear a siren, there is a paranoia that runs through their body, that they freeze up, that they can’t think. This is a tremendous anxiety. This is something that I care about. This is something that has to stop, something that we all need to heal from.”

…How can I not say something? How could I possibly make an album about twerking my a– in the club?… In my mind, I can’t reckon it. It feels empty. It feels irrelevant.”

Take a listen:

Are you feeling this one??


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