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Bossip chopped it up with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. last night for thirty minutes and asked him some serious questions. “Pretty Boy” is set to fight Juan Manuel Marquez on Sept. 19th in Las Vegas, which will be the set up bout for Manny Pacquiao or Miguel Cotto. Floyd has never lost a fight although the others set to fight him… have:

BOSSIP: How goes the training session Pretty Boy?

Floyd: It’s cool, it’s cool…in the gym right now as a matter of fact.

BOSSIP: How is that going?

Floyd: I stay in the gym, nothing new here. Just work!

BOSSIP: Nice…we have some serious questions we would like to ask you, especially since you may go down as the best boxer “EVER.”

Floyd: Ahhh…I read BOSSIP. I hope there is nothing crazy! (hahaa!)

BOSSIP: Nah, nah! We just want to know some things about you, like how you think you stack up to Muhammad Ali?

Floyd: Look BOSSIP, we are from different eras. Muhammad was the greatest of his time, but people forget he lost to Leon Spinks in Spinks’ 8th bout, or something like that. We are two different fighters in two different eras, but I have never lost a fight and have grossed the most ever as a “boxer.”

BOSSIP: So are you saying you are better than Muhammad Ali?(In a different weight class of course)

Floyd: I am just saying that in this era we have similarities like, being flashy, speaking our mind and different things. This is a different time though, and Muhammad was more politically fueled  than I am. I talk it, but I am an entertainer. I have never lost, Bossip, and that should be all I have to say.

BOSSIP: Nice. Well, we think you are maybe the greatest “boxer” ever. Why is Pacquiao the #1 Fighter pound for pound when you have never lost and beaten people he struggled with?

Floyd: Come on, you know they always trying to keep a brother down! I don’t know why either. I really don’t care about their rankings. To be honest though,  I set up the spares and Pacquiao just comes along and knocks in the last pins. Hatton was undefeated when I beat him, and if you know anything about boxing then you know that after you get your ass kicked like I beat Hatton’s, you are pretty much tainted meat. (no offense to Ricky) Then everybody talks about Oscar being over the hill. Hell, Bossip, I was in my 30’s when we fought, just like him!

BOSSIP: Yeah, we felt the same way. Roger Mayweather is your trainer, but people are saying your dad should be in your corner. Do you want to explain that a little bit?

Floyd: Listen, Roger Mayweather (uncle) has been in my corner since…day one pretty much. We are like Montana and Rice. I love my dad, and he is an “aight” trainer, but I made him an excellent trainer. People think he trained me the whole way and that is why he is so saught after now. My dad has only trained me for two fights. People fail to realize that.

BOSSIP: Is it true you have never drank or smoked a day in your life?

Floyd: Never, and I suggest the same to all black people.

BOSSIP: Commentators and critics have chimed in and tried to explain the reason you are the best fighter ever. That conversation always goes back into you being born in a ring. We are going to ask you our damn selves;”how and why are you so much better than everyone else in boxing?”

Floyd: It’s not that I was born in the ring so I have an advantage over them, although that may have been the case when I was younger. What is making me the best now, Bossip, is my marbles and mentality when it comes to fighting. I stay in the gym, regardless. I don’t need a fight. I am a gym rat. I have never been knocked out and my only knockdown has been controversial. So my mind is in better shape than most boxers. I don’t take that many hits in comparison! They called me a defensive fighter when I was young, and now I have the sharpest mind you can have for a thirty something year old boxer. My folks schooled me on that!

BOSSIP: Damn, Floyd. We hear that Marquez is trying to make this a spiritual fight and God being in his corner?

Floyd: Cool, because my God is in my corner. Yeah, he is right. It is spiritual, but God is in the ring for both of us, not just him.

BOSSIP: But he is training in the mountains…and stuff.

Floyd: Yeah, I heard that, and?

BOSSIP: Well, thanks for your time.

Floyd: No problem man. Y’all my favorite anyways. Oh yeah, we can chop it up weekly while I’m in training camp… if you want. I can update you on how it’s going.

BOSSIP: OK, we will see about that. Maybe we can come to the fight as well… MAYBE do an interview right before the fight?

Floyd: I can make that happen! Now, can you get me on the categories on the right side of the site?

BOSSIP: We will see about that.



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