Kanye West and Amber Rose Are Partying It Up!

- By Bossip Staff

Kanye West and Amber Rose were seen in  NYC partying it up. Rumors are flying around now that Kanye chopped up Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj’s fake cakes over the weekend. They say that Amber can talk a bulldagger into lingerie. Interesting…

Pop the top to see the Amber Rose cake shots as well as a small interview talking about her future plans. Oh yea, Nicki Minaj is standing by during this…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Are those Grey Ant booty shorts she is in?

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  • justme


  • Eva


  • DCC

    What’s a bulldogger?


    These two have ZERO connection.. it’s so obvious this thing aint real! Ye is suspect.

  • She_4_real

    She looks fly, cant hate!

  • tb

    What cake shot? Where are the picks of Kanye chopping Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj’s fake cakes?


    Again…I like her.

  • JB (Odum in Miami and Vick in Dallas!)

    If she makes him happy, thden what business is it of ours?

  • Angee

    She has pretty eyes!

  • Jade Silver

    To each his own. I like them.

  • http://bossip Whoa! aka Toot-it-up!

    This chick should get an endorsement deal w/ American Apparel. She STAYS in their shit! LOL, but nah I have that lace bodysuit too in cream.

    I’m not mad at Amber and Ye, I’m starting to feel like this dude is gay tho. *shrigs shoulders*

    Good morning everyone 😀

  • http://bossip Whoa! aka Toot-it-up!

    Jade mama!!! 😉 what it do?

    Hey Angee 🙂

  • Momma Smurf

    “They say that Amber can talk a bulldagger into lingerie. Interesting…”

    Yes, it is interesting, considering she speaks like she’s a hoodrat. Guess “bulldaggers” aren’t interested in intelligent convo? she needs to keep her trap shut and her legs open. That’s the only thing getting her the exposure she’s dying for.

  • goons

    amber can talk me into doing anything..she must just bring nicki j and her fake cakes as well.. i wanna do both of them!!!

  • Angee

    Good Morning Whoa! and Everybody else!! 😀

  • Man, I just dont care™

    What up ladies?

  • darealwifey

    I can’t even hate on this woman. So often regular women say, “I see regular chicks lookin’ better than [fill in blank of celeb name].”

    Well, Amber WAS a regular chick whose style and game is TIGHT! This woman is literally becoming a fashion/style icon. Modeling agency’s are styling OTHER models to look like AMBER. I can’t even hate. She is one, bad sista. Her swag is ridiculous.

  • anons

    i doubt Ye is choppin this broad down…if anything Amber is strappin up and choppin Ye down (n)

  • http://bossip Whoa! aka Toot-it-up!

    Hey MIJDC my lawyer/psychologist 😆

  • anons

    oh and

    Nikki Minaj > Amber Rose

    ….by a hundred, thousand , trillion

  • Man, I just dont care™


    What’s up? I’m multifaceted. LOL.

  • http://bossip Whoa! aka Toot-it-up!


    That means you can be a lover and a friend LMAO!

  • tb

    Dog for Sale – Fix the link and check it out… Funny as hell!
    http:// 3. bp. blogspot.com/_u3–



  • http://media.photobucket.com/image/beyonce+avatars/kingkurd/My%20signatures/My%20avatars/Beyoncecopy.png?o=14 Eshaneua

    This MF (Kanye) get Fuglier and Fuglier as each day passes.

  • BK

    Why is it when you see these two out he always looks like the invite went to her and he is just glad to be there? Bet she screams at him ‘Who’s your Daddy now?’

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