Lauren Is A Jewel

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We’re not sure of the date of this, but here is Lauren London on the cover of Jewel magazine looking absolutely beautiful. She manages to pull off that cute girl next door steez naturally without the help of silicone or any other ‘fantastic plastic’. She does rock the occasional weave, but we’ll give her a pass on that one.

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  • da darkness


  • da darkness

    Hello she look like some some some like like Goddess from another universe. ooooh laaa laaa. she takes the cake.

  • herpes

    she is beautiful

  • herpes

    I love her! But SOme one told me she maybe have STD becuase there is a profile with her photo at , it’s true?

  • Vinandi

    she is really pretty- her and Meagan good look like they could be sisters!

  • shangshine

    Lauren Is A Jewel! a gree. she is so beautiful. i saw her profile on which is a dating site. she looks like a angel.

  • Southern Belle 225

    beautiful pic!


    She is a cutie…I have never heard of that mag before…anyone?

  • victory is mine

    this is a very pretty picture of her….

  • Kompton's Kutie


  • num1dominicano

    baddest black chick out right now….imo…

  • jusplayit04

    Fine as all out doors…did you see her on Rip the Run Way. PHAT ASS SON

  • valenne

    @ num1 dominicano,

    why are you even checking on black?? Didn’t you call me monkey the last time? Guess what,she is black!

    Anyways : pretty girl and beautiful pic. they did a better job than they did with megan

  • Shawamar

    I love this systa..

  • da darkness

    @Didn’t you call me monkey

  • soulwoman

    Jewel is Vivica Fox magazine.

    Lauren looks great.

  • luckie

    Very pretty girl. She always looks so pleasant.


    Thanks soulwoman 🙂

  • pm


  • num1dominicano

    @ valenne

    first off, I never called you a monkey. Plus, i’d say you were fine too if you looked like this. Yeah, I’m aware she’s black…and I happen to think she’s beautiful. But how many black chicks are this naturally beautiful….not to many…

  • KW

    ‘occasional weave’?!? every pic i see she’s rocking a weave!!! get with it

  • Laila

    beautiful girl!

  • Stronger than Ever is back from Spring Break

    Man kill yourself for advertising HERPES MATCHES….YUCK dawg

  • valenne

    @num 1 dominicano

    how many latinas are this beautiful? Humm not many!

    So if you are telling me that not so many women are that beautiful, i would be ok with you!

  • lela

    She has a very exotic look to her, my boyfriend says she half asian is that true?

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