Who Ain’t Got No Talent?? Kimmy Cakes Reemerges In Minimal Makeup After Clapping Back At Folks Calling Her Talentless

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Kim Kardashian Reemerges After “60 Minutes” Interview

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West head to Prime One Twelve for dinner in Miami

Kim Kardashian has been keeping a relatively low profile since her dramatic robbery incident in Paris. But now, with her b-day having just passed and a new “60-Minutes” interview hitting airwaves, the reality queen is slowly stepping back out.

True to her previous statements, Kim kept it SUPER low-key for her first little outing with bestie Jonathan Cheban…rocking nothing more than an oversized hoodie and some lip gloss

Which comes as a far cry from her appearance on 60 minutes that finally hit airwaves last Sunday, but was filmed before her Parisian robbery.

Kimmy spoke of the downsides of fame — the lack of privacy in particular — and also let folks know that even though she may not sing, dance, or act…she has a talent. Branding herself and maintaining that money-making image is definitely a talent in her book…

Hmmm…well regardless of how any of us feel about her, she IS steadily making money off her name. Do you see that as a type of talent??


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