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Toya Wright Talks Lil Wayne On Bossip’s Podcast


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Remember when we told you that Toya Wright revealed a love letter from Lil Wayne in her new book???


Well while she was on Bossip’s Don’t Be Scared podcast David, Dani and Jah asked her if she thought Lil Wayne was still in love with her.

On writing about her relationship with Wayne:

“At first I felt nervous about sharing that part, said Toya. “But I just felt like if I was going to open up like this, then I was willing to share my real life. He has talked about me and discussed me in songs before. I decided to share our relationship because people always ask about it. ‘

Will you and Wayne get back together?’ ‘How is you and Wayne relationship?’ I also get the people saying ‘Oh she always jumping in Wayne stuff, Wayne don’t want her!” Well guess what?!”

Dani Canada: “Surprise!”

On if Wayne is still in love with her:

Dani Canada: “Do you think Wayne is still in love with you after all these years?”

Toya: “You gonna have to be the judge of that. One thing about Wayne and I we been knowing each other since we were kids. We came across this point in life where we didn’t like each other at all. When I was going through the divorce from Wayne I hated him a lil bit. […] I’m just not that girl. I wouldn’t write a tell-all to bash them. I’d share it but I wouldn’t do it in a way to bash them and make them look crazy, I’ll give you the tea with a little honey.

Listen to Toya Wright on “Don’t Be Scared” below.







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