Paterson Getting The Skeletons Out Early

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Posted by Bossip Staff

David Paterson, the successor to former NY governor and wanting to hit hookers raw dude Eliot Spitzer airs out his dirty laundry early in the game:

Responding to rumors circulating in Albany, Paterson and his wife, Michelle, told the Daily News of New York City that both had affairs during a rough patch in their marriage several years ago.

“This was a marriage that appeared to be going sour at one point,” Paterson told the Daily News. “But I went to counseling and we decided we wanted to make it work. Michelle is well aware of what went on.”

Paterson told the newspaper that he maintained a relationship with another woman from 1999 until 2001. He and his wife, Michelle, eventually sought counseling and repaired their relationship. The couple did not go into details. Paterson and the other woman sometimes stayed at a Days Inn on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the governor said, adding that his Albany staff sometimes stayed there as well when they were in the city. Paterson said he did not use government or campaign funds to pay for the romantic encounters.

Dave said fu*k that, I’m a lay all this on the table early so none of this comes to haunt me down the line.


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  • shangshine

    hey, i know Eliot Spitzer’s sweetheart. i found some pics on which is a dating site. there are some interesting pics aobut Eliot Spitzer’s sweetheart.

  • Island_Ras23


  • Stronger than Ever is back from Spring Break

    Lol 1st

    and God Damn New York…y’all need the ethics committee to come and sweep house..Every politician in New York be making it rain in the strip clubs I bet..

  • herpesdating

    some one told me he is the sponsor of a STD dating site

  • shangshine

    hah~~ i’m the first.

  • Trini Chica in BK

    @ Stronger than Ever is back from Spring Break

    LOL..You r so rigghtt about that! I just feel that everything is all fake the government will be crashing down soon.

  • Lyte Bright

    ok… political figures cheat….this isnt news, but im glad he is upfront about it. most politicians dont acknowledge they cheat until they are caught.

  • jusplayit04

    I don’t blaim him, this bother black; thanks to the Major of D. no black polotician safe

  • Southern Belle 225

    @SBM aka Stonger…I agree as well!

    At least he got it out the way early!

  • JAD

    Most officials have cheated on their spouses so this is not news. The issue with Elliot Spitzers case was that he used millions of dollars that most likely belonged to the taxpayers to engage in sexual acts with a prostitute!!! It really didn’t have to do with him cheating on his wife even though that is also not right.

  • JAD

    Correction…thousands of dollars.

  • SoSo

    He is smart for revealing this even tho he didn’t have to. It’s his personal relationship and he doesn’t have to explain anything. Obviously he was honest with his wife about it and he didn’t use any government money sooo what? They decided to work it out. Good for them and their relationship.

  • $moK.E.Y.

    keep the chinchilla on the rack, the 1st lady of NY is rocking that precious sable

  • Southern Belle 225

    @smokey…okay! was it that cold out?

  • I'm Just Me

    I feel him hardbody for what he did. Get it out there now so there are no tears and job losses later. Shyt happens. I am glad they worked it out though.

  • Bird

    He didn’t just volunteer the info, he was responding to rumors. Anyway, it is good that he addressed it early. People will forget about it by next week. Unfortunately for Spitzer he won’t get to live it down for a while because his ho’s 15 minutes just started.

  • num1dominicano

    good move

  • Dixon_Girl

    Yea right! That nicca was paying for that ass……(lol)

  • kiacato

    Get it out berfore the crackers try to crack you…good work…

  • NotoriousOne

    Further stories indicate that they BOTH had outside relationships during a rocky period in their marriage. As a result I don’t think it’ll be viewed as him being unfaithful as much as they thought they were heading towards divorce.

    Still smart for getting the full story out there cause the NYC reporters WILL dig ya’ dirt up something quick.

  • awake

    I’d do the same thing….

    Very, very smart.

  • Dirty Sir

    I understand him putting himself on blast like that but I don’t know if he should be laying his personal stuff out like that. Look at his wife’s face. SHe looks like she’s thinking, ” what the phk, nga? I thought we weren’t gonna bring that sh!+ no more!!” Remind me to bust you in the head when we get home….”

  • angry azz black woman


  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    I think he was correct to get it out there now. My view is better to be proactive that reactive. Since him and his wife was both creeping and admit it, this will blow over real quick.

  • da darkness

    such a keen sense of feel blind people got like steve w. or r.i.p. ray charles, with the key board. Paterson feels he’s black he may not see it but damn does he feel the heat from being it.

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