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Scottie Pippen Irate Over Future Affair But Cheated Himself!

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Scottie and Larsa Pippen have been married since 1997 — we gotta wonder how many years of groupies, sidepieces and one night stands on the raod she had to endure before getting a lil “pipe down” action from Future for herself. Come on now Scottie — you aren’t playing fair! That seems to be the stance that friends of Larsa are taking as DailyMail is reporting:

Friends of Larsa tell that the sporting legend is ‘no angel’ himself and had the fling prior to his wife’s rumored dalliance with the Georgia-born rapper.

‘She says he’s been saying all the things about her that he does himself,’ a close friend of Larsa’s told ‘Like he told her he doesn’t want his children around a wh**e and accused her of being mentally unstable.

‘He’s trying to basically frame her as a bad mother because she had the affair.’

She has been telling everyone that he’s no angel and ‘had the affair first with a model. A Sports Illustrated model.’

The insider also told that Pippen has vowed to spend his last dollar ‘just to screw her [Larsa] up’.

‘He basically told her he will spend his last dollar on making her life a living hell.’

This is super ugly. Larsa doesn’t strike us as stupid at all though. She probably has plenty money stashed somewhere for a rainy day anyway.

In the meantime the split has been anything but amicable:

‘It’s a real nightmare,’ an insider told ‘It’s like World War III and they’re completely at odds. He’s accusing her of being crazy.

‘Basically, it’s really ugly right now. He’s doing the whole custody thing to try to use lawyers and do whatever he can to screw with her.’

The insider added: ‘He’s acting like that to get back at her basically, as payback for the affair [with Future].

‘He just keeps saying that she’s crazy and he doesn’t want his children around wh***s, things like that. It’s really ugly. They’re just battling it out at this point.’

Yikes. Granted, we get why Scottie is so upset BUT — isht. This is the mother of your four kids. She can’t get a hall pass for FUTURE? Just saying… At least she didn’t cheat with some scrub. Or a young NBA player.

Do you think Scottie should forgive Larsa? Is it possible that she may actually be better off without him? Maybe it was time for Larsa to make an upgrade anyway?


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