Mariah Says Billionaire Bae James Packer Was Mentally Unstable And Violent Behind Closed Doors

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Mariah Carey Left James Packer Over Unstable, Violent Mental State

Capri, Italy Mariah Carey billionaire fiancee James Packer party club AKM-GSI 25 JULY 2016

Remember how we told you James Packer gave Mariah her walking papers over her outlandish spending habits??

Well, Mimi’s people are singing a different tune. Apparently, folks close to the songstress say that Mariah was the one to decide to break things off…and it was because she could no longer tolerate James’ fluctuating moods and violent outbursts.

Sources tell TMZ that “she had to leave him” and say James is “mentally unstable.”

But apparently it was an incident in Greece last month that made Mimi say, “no more.”

James allegedly got “violent” a month ago on a yacht…getting very volatile with Mariah’s assistant.

SMH! It isn’t worth a billion dollars to deal with all that nonsense…especially with dem babies to worry about…


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