A Lil Positivity: Viola Davis Sells Comedy About Rocking Black Teens In The 1960s To ABC

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Viola Davis Sells Comedy About Black Teens To ABC

Viola Davis is adding to her lengthy résumé by selling a new comedy series to ABC. Davis’ new series, The Zipcoders, a comedy about a divorced mom of 3 in the 1960’s who relocated her family to the east side of Austin, Texas, after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

The plot twist? The kids start a rock ‘n’ roll band to the shock of the community reports Hollywood Reporter:

The potential series is about the group of teen friends, who aspire to be in a rock band like The Beatles. The idea for The Zipcoders came from Davis and her JuVee Productions partner and husband, Julius Tennon, who were inspired to tell a story about a group of African-American teens with feathered hair and bell-bottoms in the middle of the Deep South.

Barbershop’s Marshall Todd created the idea and will write the script for the family-focused comedy:

“This project gives me the opportunity to tell a story that, while specific to the African-American experience, doesn’t travel in the usual tropes,” Todd said. “As a parent, I was inspired to tell a story from the dual perspective of parents and children in a world where the rules are constantly changing. Music has always been a passion of mine, and to be able to use it to inform this particular narrative was a provocative challenge. I have found in Viola and the squad at JuVee the perfect co-conspirators dedicated to telling the types of stories that entertain while contributing to the larger cultural conversation.”

Will you be watching??

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