Is Regal Cinemas Telling Moviegoers “Birth Of A Nation” Is Sold Out To Flub Ticket Sales?

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Movie Goer Says Regal Cinemas Blocked Him From Seeing “Birth Of A Nation”

One Delaware moviegoer is blowing the lid off what he claims is blatant racism on Regal Cinemas’ part. Devon Walls claims that his local cinema is lying to patrons about not having tickets available to Nate Parker’s “Birth Of A Nation,” and instead directing customers to go see other new releases.

Devon caught his attempt to see the movie on Facebook Live, and claims that Regal staff told him the theater for “Birth of a Nation” was completely sold out, then suggested he purchase tickets for “The Accountant” instead. However, he found out a short while later that the theater screening the movie was actually nearly empty:

Of course, Regal claims that the racial nature of the film had nothing to do with why Devon was directed away from watching it — though they didn’t exactly give a real reason for what occurred either. According to TMZ, Regal claims they were “adjusting films and auditoriums to meet consumer demand” when Devon came in to buy his ticket…which we guess means they were shifting around scheduled movie times that had been posted all week? We doubt that’s very common…however the theater manager insists that they actually added an extra screening of “Birth of a Nation” at the very last minute to handle the overwhelming demand for tickets — which is how he managed to find a nearly-empty theater showing it.

Hmmm…does that story sound right to you? Many on Walls’ Facebook page say they’ve had similar experiences attempting to see the movie as well. Have YOU been blocked from seeing “Birth of a Nation” by a janky theater??

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