What Would You Do? Casino Offers $42.9 Million Jackpot Winner $2.25 Due To Machine “Malfunction”

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Woman Stripped Of $42.9 Million Jackpot Over “Malfunction” At New York Casino


This story reported by ABC7 got us thinking, what would we do if we won $42.9 million and only took home $2.25?

That is precisely what happened to Katrina Bookman when she visited Resorts World Casino in New York.

Katrina snapped a selfie when she thought she had hit it big on a slot machine, only to have the casino tell her that her win was fugazi because the machine “malfunctioned”.

Escorted off the casino floor, she was told to come back the next day for the decision.

“I said what did I win? (The casino representative said,) ‘You didn’t win nothing,'” she recalled.

Bookman said the only thing the casino offered her was a steak dinner.

Katrina immediately hired a lawyer to help her fight back against the cheapskate casino

“They win and the house doesn’t want to pay out. To me that’s unfair,” Alan Ripka, Bookman’s attorney said.

Ripka and Bookman believe she should win the maximum allowed on the Sphinx machine, which the casino said is $6,500.

“The machine takes your money when you lose. It ought to pay it when you win,” Ripka stated.

The NY State Gaming Commission says she was only entitled to $2.25.

So again, we ask you, what the hell would you do if this happened to you?

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