“Kill Ni**ers” Racist Threat Left On Whiteboard Shakes Florida Gulf Coast University Students

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Racist Threat Left On Whiteboard At Florida Gulf Coast University

A staff member at Florida Gulf Coast University discovered a racist drawing on a third-floor classroom whiteboard at the school’s Seidler Hall according to NBC 2. The Hall is open to the public and houses the College of Arts and Sciences.

The hand-drawn image depicts a person hanging from a tree by a rope, with a violent message.

“They’re talking about killing a certain race, so it’s not something that should be taken lightly in my opinion,” said Brielle Conner.

“Sending a message like that, that’s hurtful.” said freshman Olivia Cafiero.

Students are outraged someone left the drawing inside a campus building where everyone would see it.


Students and faculty have come out to blast the racist message left on the whiteboard. “Sending a message like that, that’s hurtful,” said freshman Olivia Cafiero. What do you think of the slur found on the campus?


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