Hip-Hop Hero: Rapper-Actor Moise Morancy Beats The Breaks Off Pedophile Fondling Teen Girl

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Moise Morancy Steps In To Defend Teen Girl Against Sex Predator On Bus

They don’t all wear capes

A rapper-actor riding the bus in Brooklyn is being called a hero for defending a 15-year-old girl who was allegedly being fondled by a much older man aboard a city bus.

According to NYDailyNews, Moise Morancy posted a video of himself restraining the bloodied sex predator until police could arrive to make and arrest.

“I’m sitting at the back of the bus when this drunk guy gets on, saying all types of sexual s–t to this little girl sitting next to me,” Morancy wrote on his Facebook page. “At first he started caressing her hand and I saw how uncomfortable it made her…so she let go and put her hands in her pocket. He then proceeded to forcibly do it again.”

Morancy told the Daily News that Levano then began caressing the girl’s leg. Morancy intervened, and said Levano threatened to kill him. Morancy said he gave the man “a couple combos to the face, knees to the nose and elbows to his neck” in self-defense.

There are several moments of tension when police arrive as they handcuff both Morancy and the alleged offender 36-year-old Pablo Levano.

“They started to detain me, and I was confused. I felt criminalized,” Morancy said.

Morancy said that a police sergeant ordered his release.

“He was black, and he told me I was a hero, which I was surprised to hear,” Morancy said. “It gave me a different perspective on the NYPD because I have had prior run-ins with the police because I have been racially profiled.”

While Levano is sitting on Rikers Island charged with forcible touching, child endangerment and harassment, Moise is promoting his mixtape…


Why the HELL are there SO many sick weirdos on New York public transportation?!

Sadly, because this is 2016, we hope to god that this wasn’t a publicity stunt.

That said, support decent human beings. Download @MoiseMorancy mixtape whenever it drops.

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