NeNe calls Kandi a WEAK A** Woman and Kandi says “NeNe is the Fakest One of the Bunch.”

- By Bossip Staff

Kandi and NeNe were getting it in on the radio in Atlanta yesterday. Kandi let NeNe know, “It ain’t like you gone chump me off… you better back down.” Listen to these ladies fight like project alley cats under the hood.

Pop it for Pure Comedy

NeNe must have had her “camera balls” on even though she was just on the radio. Let’s see how this drama unfolds.

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  • Nique

    YA DIG?????

  • Prettyme31



    I guess Nene feels like any publicity is good publicity! Ummmm Wrong!

  • jayla

    wow..this is crazy

  • Young Obama

    Nene understands that this is a business and the more conflict the better the show. She’s not stupid.

  • Arasiam

    Fake azz shiz.

  • dm01

    NeNe needs to fall the hell back….raise your kids, make te effort to stay in the home you’re in now and handle your business…NeNe needs to grow the hell up…

  • WhatEVER

    Who’s a “SCRUB” now–lol?

    Note to self: NEVER visit ANY of the southern states. Check…

  • MsOpenUn8d

    OMG, so, how OLD is NeNe…. I mean, she didn’t have on any of her grown woman for that…… and Kandi tried but,……….

    NeNe was doing that “Oh I got a crowd let me get loud thing”…, but IT did work…lmBo, I will be tuning in EVERY chance I get!

  • JB (Odum in Miami and Vick in Dallas!)

    I wonder if she will ever step to Candi without the cameras?

  • Love.... Love

    Can’t the housewives just all get along!

  • She_4 Real

    It’s like a train wreck!

  • Tropical English

    LOVE NENE! Can’t wait for this hood show!



    ANYWAY… i LOVE NeNe! she IS the show! Kandi sound silly… she needs to relax and let it go.

  • Tropical English

    And for someone to co-write No Scrubs….isn’t her fiancee King of the Scrubs? I’m just saying….based on what all his baby mamas say……

  • sixfoota


  • HotCoko79

    @HUStrawberry..I agree 100% I don’t understand why people get all upset about THEIR DRAMA its theirs u aint gotta deal with it

  • Menominee_Nation

    This is reason #535,967 why man invented duct tape.

  • Leave a Reply

    @ Morie
    clearly, you don’t know white, hispanic, or Asian women. I suggest you get off of your block to see how people really are.
    Human reactions don’t vary, because of race, you bumbling idiot.

  • pm

    I tried to listen but the sound of black women arguing makes my ears bleed.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Their voices are horrid…OMG, my ears are bleeding too!!

  • jodeci78

    what channels does this come on?????????

  • Wanjiru®

    Wow, black people….got to do better 😦

  • moni

    what time will the be on tonite? anyone know????

  • CatEyes


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