Suspect Arrested In Ambush Killings Of Iowa Cops Previously Waved Confederate Flag At Black Students

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Iowa Man Arrested In Cop Killings Had Arrest History

When we woke up to news of two Iowa police officers being shot ambush style this morning in the Des Moines area we were definitely saddened by the news, but we were also concerned about how the incidents might be wrongly affiliated with BLM. Now a suspect has been arrested with a super shady past.

According to NY Times reports,
the shootings Wednesday began just after 1 a.m. Police in the Des Moines suburb of Urbandale discovered Officer Justin Martin sitting in his patrol car after responding to reports of gunfire, near the intersection of 70th Street and Aurora Avenue. Sgt. Anthony Beminio of the Des Moines police department was discovered about thirty minutes later at the intersection of Merle Hay Road and Sheridan Avenue in Des Moines — just five minutes away.

Scott Michael Greene

46-year-old Scott Michael Greene, surrendered on a gravel road along Interstate 80 in Dallas County (west of Des Moines) later Wednesday morning after he flagged down a passing employee of the State Department of Natural Resources and showed his ID, asking the driver to call 911, said Sgt. Paul Parizek, a spokesman for the Des Moines Police Department.

“He did complain of some kind of flare-up of an existing medical condition, and he’s been taken to the hospital,” Sergeant Parizek said.

“There’s nothing to indicate right now that there’s anybody else involved,” Sergeant Parizek said.

“Most of our officers have some understanding of Mr. Greene,” Ross McCarty, the Urbandale police chief, said at a news conference.

Both Officer Martin and Sgt. Beminio looked to have been caught by surprise and had no chance to defend themselves or return fire, the authorities said. Sergeant Beminio was a veteran officer with a wife and children, while Officer Martin, who was in his mid-20s, became an officer just last year, officials said.

While a neighbor of Greene’s claims he served some time in the military in Iraq or Afghanistan, he also has had some confrontations with the police recently, as well as minor criminal convictions, but Parizek said the authorities don’t have a motive for the shootings. “We may never actually know what motivated this act,” he said.

Several weeks ago, Urbandale police officers escorted Mr. Greene from an Urbandale High School football game, Chief McCarty said, after he waved a Confederate flag in front of black students and others in the crowd complained that he was creating a disturbance. Mr. Greene, whose daughter attends the high school, was given a trespass warning, the police said. “He was working out with the school officials what are the parameters of when he could be on the school grounds and when he could not,” Chief McCarty said.

Officer Martin’s shooting actually occurred at the intersection where the football field is located, which is just blocks from Greene’s home.

Greene also posted a clip of part of the incident at the field on his YouTube account on October 16th, where a man believed to be him can be heard angrily claiming someone hit him and took his Confederate flag. Police officers are also audible in the clip, informing the man that he’s being accused of trespassing and causing a disturbance and notifying him that he’s no longer allowed on the grounds.

The man repeatedly demands that officers return his flag and file assault and robbery charges against “the African-American people that were behind me.”

“I was peacefully protesting,” he says, asking the officers dozens of times what crime he had committed.

During a previous incident in April 2014, Greene was arrested for interference with official acts, after being accused of resisting an Urbandale officer’s attempt to pat him down for weapons. Just two days later Greene was arrested again and charged with harassment, after reportedly threatening a man and using a racial slur against him.

He pleaded guilty to misdemeanors in both cases, and was fined and given probation. A judge ordered Mr. Greene to have no further contact with the man he harassed, and to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. In May 2016, fees he owed to Polk County related to those two cases were referred for debt collection.

Pretty ugly stuff. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Officer Martin and Sgt. Beminio.

Des Moines Police Department/Urbandale Patch

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