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Khloe Kardashian Pregnancy Rumors “Completely Fabricated”

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Like most things in Jenner-dashian-land, Khloe Kardashian’s relationship with Tristan Thompson has been moving at lightning speed, so when we heard rumors that Khloe may already be toting a gut full of Tristan’s seed — AT THE SAME TIME as ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig we thought it unlikely but totally plausible. Sorry but we wouldn’t put it beyond Machiavellian minded momager Kris Jenner to have already ordered up some Khloe/Tristan embryos for implantation.

What better reality tv plot twist after all?

But while Khloe has continued to be publicly effusive about her love affair with Thompson, she’s not pregnant just yet. A source told Mail Online that the reports were ‘completely fabricated and untrue.’


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See — sheer shirt = not pregnant.

But Tristan is still staying plenty devoted to Khloe — despite his paternal obligations to ex-girl Jordan Craig.

In Touch Weekly via Hollywood Life says Tristan can’t even sit through a whole doctor’s appointment with Jordan without calling Khloe:

Tristan would be with Jordy at the doctor’s office and he’s be off in the corner, Facetiming Khloe,” a source tells In Touch magazine. Seeing Tristan, 25, pay attention to Khloe, 32, instead of the bundle of joy inside her belly left Jordy, 25, seeing red! “It was absolutely infuriating to Jordy because she could barely get Tristan to focus on the birth of their baby.”

“Jordy wants Khloe to back off,” the source tells In Touch. “She feels completely disrespected by [Tristan] and Khloe.”

Jordy “isn’t romantically interested” in her ex anymore, the source tells the magazine.

Gotta say, we’d probably have a hard time being interested if our baby daddy left for a Kardashian during the second trimester after meeting him at our cousin’s wedding…

Just saying.

How long do you give them til Khloe and Tristan are either pregnant or engaged?



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