Question of the Day: Who Do You Think the Recession is Hurting the Most?

- By Bossip Staff

What kind of person has been getting killed by the recession so far?

Pop the top to find out the answer

“Older white males hurt more by this recession,” trumpets USA Today. I think that says it all. You should be ashamed of yourselves, young black women. It’s your fault. “White men over 55 had a record 6.5% unemployment rate in the second quarter,” while “The most remarkable change is in the unemployment rate for black women: 12.2%, far below the historic peak of 20% in 1983.”

So while black ladies were getting all the jobs, older white males were losing their jobs, leading their unemployment rate to soar to more than half that of your unemployment rate, minority women! The selfishness on display in our society today would make many people sick, such as Abraham Lincoln.

It’s just like the mess we always hear about saving “small business.” Hey, here’s an idea: let’s save big business. It’s bigger! Big business was also a leading employer of white men. Exxon was once the most profitable corporation ever seen on God’s Green Earth; but this quarter, its towering profits fell by two thirds. They couldn’t even crack the $4 billion net revenue mark in the last three months.

Who else gets hurt? White men owning Exxon stock. And the native tribes of various oil-rich third world regions. They get hurt as well.

Yeah, we sort of figured they would feel like that…


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  • Amarique'

    As a young African American female, I have been working since I was 14 and have received my Bachelor’s in Business Administration, while working for the federal government. I feel like I am hurting the most in this recession because I had to sell my home because the payments increased making it hard for me to get anyhelp on loan modification. Even though I downgraded to a rental townhome, the cost are still too high in the DMV, but I have to have some where to live. Housing across the nation is not affordable at all. And to top off all of that.. I ended up owing taxes and tht has never happened to me ever. So this has not been a very good year, so far, financially.

  • I AM LEGEND ( A Wise Man Told Me Dont Argue With Fools)

    Why does it have to be divided by race?? Everyone in America has been hit by the Recession

  • Justin

    What about all the above are hurting? In my group, they got rid of a bunch of white guys and kept me plus a few other folks that happened to be White or Asian. This recession doesn’t care about color, gender, faith, white or blue collar. Unless you were wealthy beforehand, you’re feeling this recession.

  • thepromised1

    From what I see Black men in Corporate America have been hit the hardest. Many of my friends and colleagues whose jobs were discontinued or laid off have had a very difficult time finding opportunities that will allow them to remain in the same tax brackets they’ve become accustom to. However I haven’t seen the same impact when it comes to my people who work outside of Corporate America. Most of them are still working and have actually found jobs during this period that pretty much causes no significant changes to their lifestyles. I’d also like to point out that both my wife and my sister (Black Corp. Women) have been able to identify and get new jobs paying them both more money than they were previously making during these so called turbulent times. Once again I think Black men end up scraping the bottom of the barrel for decent paying corporate jobs which even before the recession was difficult to find without a specialty in something.

  • Nique

    What happened to the option of ALL THE ABOVE????

  • Hannibal


  • Redd Foxxx(Pretty Wings)

    YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Young black female!!! Its ok Its ok!!

  • Redd Foxxx(Pretty Wings)

    @ Amarique’

    I am sorry to hear that. Im a home owner myself. Fixed is the only way to go no matter what they tell you. My payment has remained the same for the past five years and i have not lost any equity. Its an art to it an if you are not educated on it you can lose. Good Luck to you!!

    I didnt mean to be insensitive to anybody with my ealrier comment I was just proud of my sisters thats all.

  • mz. b

    the reason white men are feeling this more then minorities (in general) is b/c white people as a whole have always prospered in this country where as we minorities always been broke. now that theres a recession blacks are STILL making a dollar outta 10 cents where other ppl are just now learning how to do it.

  • Sasha

    This is not a race issue, everyone is hurt by the recession, even actors, singers and so on. Times are hard except for some people who know how to play the sysem.

  • high Priestess

    what hell is with these choices? … oh lets just throw all Asians and Latins in together??? bizarre

  • LadyDeeDee

    @Amarique’– I know what you mean. I live in the DMV area and rent is outrageous in decent neighborhoods. I love my job, but geez after paying rent there is not much left

    @ pretty wings– I am glad you have equity in your home b/c my crib in FL doesnt. It was built brand new in 2006 in a gated community. It might be worth half of the orginial price. I cant even get rid of it. I rent at a loss.

    This recession is very SERIOUS! I encourage everyone to hang in there.

  • Mr.K

    Why are you posting the reader comments from You make it seem like you got that info from a news story or something. Those comments were made as a joke to an article posted on gawker yesterday. Irresponsible!!

  • Sepia830

    A working class black man? Is this something new? 🙂

  • tg

    This is easy – because we suffer from everyone’s mistakes. We are always the lowest on the totem pole – even foreigners get more respect than the black man/black woman. Look at all the shyt on TV these days about black people being harrassed and their rights being denied by police, etc. We going freaking backwards in everything.

  • Alrighty Then...

    Black women are the LEAST hard hit by the recession. And out unemployment rate is way down! So at least there is some good news!

    As usual, go to CNN for the entire story… lol!

  • T

    @leave a reply AMEN!!! its funny how mf’s who neva had a job in the 1st place like to to talk about how the recession is hurtin you didnt work before the recession hit! funny but sad


    I read about this last week in Atl. They had a front page story on how white men are filing for more unemployment benefits than any other group. CONSIDERING THEY RAN WALL ST., THE BANKING INDUSTRY AND AUTO INDUSTRY, I FEEL LIKE IT’S ONLY FITTING THAT THEY HURT THE MOST.

  • top ramen shotta

    ummm, there’s a serious lack of logic here. since when does an economic crisis discriminate based on race? if you were doing poorly before, then of course the recession is going to wreck you. the economy affects everyone equally.

  • JUDY

    What kind of person has been getting killed by the recession so far?

    Its felt by everybody,even focking animals are feeling the sting of the recession.That was a pretty dumb survey.


    oh yea and I didn’t vote….

  • RP

    Why do you guys feel the need to distinguish between white and black people when trying to determine who the recession is hurting the most. It’s hurting everyone in some kind of way. There’s no need to make yet another thing about race.

  • Mia

    The people who are hurting the most are the one’s with NO JOB because their company closed or cut back, and there are not any jobs for them to get a new one. Unemployment doesn’t last forever. I’m sorry some of you had to cut back and down grade but there are people out here with nothing and can’t even provide basics for their children due to this. No matter what race they are.

  • On Point

    How about work class black families(black other and black mother)

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