Hi Hater: A Woman Sells TV Because She’s Tired of Looking at Obama

- By Bossip Staff

A 78 year old Iowa woman is selling her two television sets because she’s tired of looking at President Obama.

Delores Nissan who is a retired nurse took out an ad saying she was selling two TV’s because Obama was on every station and she’s tired of watching him. The elderly woman went on to say that the President is overexposed and she keeps her remote handy so she can change the channel when the President comes on. 

Of course the woman is a John McCain supporter and is experiencing a heavy dosage of hater syndrome.  With Obama winning Iowa in the presidential election I wonder who in the hell is gonna buy her TV sets?

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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • Yeash

    her old self needs to go on somewhere


    ??? Why didnt she just change the channel? She must not have Direct TV or Time Warner or AT&T whatever they are….

  • Nique

    Whatever happened to just TURNING OFF THE DAMN TV??

  • Yeash

    @ NIKKI

    She probably just had the few free local channels, to cheap to pay for the good stuff

  • Hawt Ass Mess

    Y she mad our President is at work doing his job?

  • nahnah

    well, i couldn’t stand to look at obama’s 8th cousin, bush, so whenever he’s on tv, i shut it off. people do have the right to dislike obama, you know? especially since he’s picking up from where bush left off.

  • nahnah

    oh, and obama IS overexposed. the media is in love with him, because he’s a puppet.

  • Hannibal



  • Glok9n: Lev 20:13


  • http://bossip tiredofhaters...ohio

    she cant afford cable or a dtv box.. stop frontin…

  • GQ

    she need to stop begining so, white not right!

  • Give me a break

    Give me a break! This lady is giving people from Iowa a bad name! Who would advertise that anyways?! I think for the 6 months our President has been in office he’s done a great job at trying to dig out what Bush got us in in the first place. People need to stop hating on him so much. It’s his job, it’s what he does. He can’t please every American all the time!

  • http://clp1211@yahoo.com HTown Representor

    LOL, selling them…… but who wants to buy two black and white tv’s with hangers on top.

  • Hawt Ass Mess

    lol @ Glok

    @ nahnah
    and your mother is a stripper with dirty feet
    whats the difference/ they both dance

  • Ho Please !

    I hope the next thing she does is gorge out her eye balls because she is seeing black people everywhere .. oh we can only wish.

    She is 78 anyway the grim reaper is probably riding the greyhound bus to her house as we speak ….

  • Resurrected

    Like I saw a story that says black woman says that she will not vote for Obama next year and I was like ok what this suppose to mean… There were also lot of white people that did not did not was not going to vote for Bush against as well… They are always trying to make this about race and to me it is really targeted to the young and easy to manipulate for the next election to come… This white media really looks at black people at stupid and unitellgent but as I know I am the one that holds the power in my world and God above me…

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper Ms. Lucious Sugar Walls♥ representing STL

    who cares!

  • http://www.beattrend.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/trey-songz-hits-fan.jpg DWIGHT HOWARD is MY BOO!


  • Glok9n: Lev 20:13


  • http://anonymous@yahoo.com ...... ........ .......

    I guess she never got hit with the black mans magic stick,.. ole bitty!

  • dayg715

    did the dumb hick ever hear of changing the channel? what exactly does trailer trash teach their children growing up? SMH.

  • nene

    She’s just tierd of being reminded that this fine black man is running this country.

  • Alrighty Then...

    “she cant afford cable or a dtv box.. stop frontin…”

    LMAO! I guess she missed out on the digital conversion! LOL! Starin’ at a screen full of snow… lol!

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