“Rigged”: Elector In Washington State Vows Not To Vote For Hillary Regardless Of Whether She Wins

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Washington Elector Refuses To Vote Clinton Even If She Wins State

In the most divisive Presidential election in America’s history, nothing really surprises us anymore. For months now Donald Trump has been going around telling America that this election is “rigged”. That the outcome has been predetermined and that Hillary Clinton is going to “steal” the Presidency from him.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, maybe the election IS rigged. Rigged by people who are either high off Trump’s con man Kool-Aid, or hate Hillary Clinton SO much that they’ll do just about anything to keep her out of office.

Enter, Robert Satiacum, a Native-American elector/Bernie Sanders supporter in Washington State who is refusing to cast his vote for Hillary Clinton even if she wins the state’s popular vote.

According to NYDailyNews, Satiacum believes Hillary Clinton is a “criminal” who shows little to no concern about his Puyallup tribe, nor any other Native-Americans (like Donald Trump does?).

“She’s done nothing but flip back and forth,” he said. “She will not get my vote, period”…

Nonetheless, Satiacum could face a $1,000 fine for being a so-called “faithless elector.” But that, he said, doesn’t bother him.

“This is a time we all need to stand up and speak out,” he said.

Satiacum is not required by LAW to vote abide by the state’s wishes, but he’s certainly going against the grain and bucking the system.

Next Tuesday is about to be nervous as HELL!


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